Tinghir (Tinerhir)

Tinghir - Tinerhir - Tineghir

Tinghir, also called Tinerhir (in Arabic: تنغير‎‎, and in Tamazight: ⵜⵉⵏⵖⵉⵔ) is a small city in the Southeast of Morocco between the high Atlas mountains and the little Atlas, known for the beautiful Gorges called Todra Gorges.

Watch the city of Tineghir and Todra gorges here:

The Name "Tinghir" in Amazigh language (berber) originally referred to the foothills of the Atlas mountains.
According to the 2014 census, the city of Tinghir counts around 42000 inhabitants, while the whole province has 322400 (Tinghir being the capitale of the province also called Tinghir.
It is one of the major tourist attractions in Morocco not only because of the Todra gorges but also because it is in the middle of one of the biggest oases in southern Morocco. The view of all the palm trees along Todra valley is just fascinating.
The city relies on Tourisme, agriculture, and trade. In the last decade, social and cultural activities have increased remarquably, not only in the center but also in the surrounding villages.. mostly education projects for young children, as well as literacy projects for adults (particularly women).
The oasis that Tinerhir belongs to is 30 km long (19 mi) and 4 km wide (2.5 mi), it doesn't rain that much during the year, the climat is cold in winter and hot dry in the summer. The Tinghir region is wedged between two mountain ranges, stretching over 700 kilometres (430 mi) southwest to northeast Morocco: the High Atlas in the north, with a high peak over 4,167 metres (13,671 ft), and the Little Atlas in the south. The road from Ouarzazate to Imtghren parallels the mountains. During the Mesozoic the region was invaded by the sea, where thick deposits of sediments rich in marine fossils (particularly of the ammonitida class). The uplift of the Atlas Mountains (primarily during the Neogene) caused the withdrawal of the sea and the deformation of rocks into folds and faults. Wind and river erosion eventually shaped the desert landscape of limestone and clay. The Todgha River has widened these layers of rock, giving rise to canyons 300 metres (980 ft) high but in some places only 10 metres (33 ft) wide. The river widens, developing an oasis edged with the red ochre of the desert.

Activities to do. In the ceter of the city there's not really that much to do except exploring the city, but there is possibility of spending the day in Todra gorges or even camping there, in nature and near clear pure wat
er. The other activity that could be counted as extreme sport is Climbing the moutains at the gorges.. they are high enough to satisfy the need of adventure for any climber..

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