Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud Waterfalls

One day Excursion from Marrakech

A one day Excursion to Ouzoud waterfalls can be done from Marrakech, since it's only 150 km away, The excursion starts at around 8 in the morning from Marrakech. The road takes roughly 1 houre 30 min to 2 houres, with few stops for breakfast and panoramic views if you want to take pictures.
Upon arrival to the village where the Ouzoud waterfalls are located you have the choice to either take a local guide (costs around 2 Euros per person) or to go explore the area by yourself.

Watch this youtube video that shows how does a one day excursion to Ouzoud waterfalls from Marrakech usually goes:

Ouzoud Waterfalls (in Amazigh (berber) language: Imuzzar n wuẓuḍ, in French: Cascades d'Ouzoud) is 110 m high (second highest waterfalls in Africa). They are located in the province of Azilal, precisely near the Moyen Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt.

As you explore the region you will eventually have the chance to see some monkeys living in the wild. Some local habitant would  suggest that you feed them and they might give you bisquits in the hope that you would tip them afterwards. Olive trees are all over the area down the falls. That has to do with the word "Ouzoud" that means in Amazigh (berber) "the act of grinding grain", you might aswell come across some small mills that are still in use.

Cliff jumping is not safe in Ouzoud falls neither is swimming in some areas. But you will notice some cliff jumpers and swimmers here and there.

The Ouzoud waterfalls excursion will continue after lunch. there are many local traditional restaurants spread all over the place where you could eat, they mainly serve Moroccan Tagines. You will have the chance to eat in nature near water, or on a terrasse while enjoying the panoramic view.

Other activities you can do there is hiking in nature though the old mills, the green valleys , the beautiful orchards, and the gorges of the El Abid River (in Arabic, "Slaves' River" ).
Or you can ride a small traditional boat that would take you under the falls for about two euros per person (see video).

The Excursion ends by a meeting in the parking where you left the car, then you will head the road back to Marrakech.

Additional informations about Ouzoud Waterfalls:

There is possibility of camping in Ouzoud waterfalls. There are reserved places for camping where you can erect your tent and enjoy few days in one of the  most beautiful sites in Morocco.

Due to the increasing number of visitors with all the issues that come with it many local and notional associations are leading projects to protect and preserve the site.

So if you are in Marrakech do not miss the opportunity to live the experience of visiting Ouzoud Waterfalls, We offer one day Excursion there among our selected places we do excursions to. If you are interested feel free to contact us.

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