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Moroccan Arabic: قنيطرة, Qnīṭra; Arabic: القنيطرة, Al-Qunayṭira, the meaning of the word in Arabic is "the little bridge"
At the time of French occupation this city was called Port Lyautey from 1932 to 1956, it is a city in the North West part of Morocco.. it is mainly a port on Sebou river. has a population of about one million according to official authorities (But it would certainly be more than that, especially that the numbers were issued back in 2014 and the death rate in general got lower).
It has a US Navy base that was used as a stopping point in North Africa at the time of the cold war between the US and the USSR.

Take a tour here inside Kenitra city in this youtube video below:

Kenitra is ancient since it was there from the time of the Phoenicians, it has a different name back then, historians say it was called Thamusida. Under the Antonine dynasty, a Venus temple was built somewhere in Kenitra except that it can't be found anywhere now.
There was only the casbah of Mehdya before the french occupation, part of the new town was actually built by the French, it can still be spotted in the architecture of some old builtings in down town. unfortunately many of these old buildings were destroyed to make space for new ones.
Kenitra Train station
The new train station is giving a more modern vibe to the city in addition of the 2 new malls, most of the city is modern but the casbah of Mehdiya is still there representing the history of Kenitra.
Other things to see: the Sebou river Corniche, the Mehdya Beach, souk of Khebazat, old churche..
Kenitra is also known by it's great restaurants and nice affordable food.. giving the students there a chance to have decent meals at reasonable prices compared to nearby cities like Rabat and Casablanca, Note that there are many students In Kenitra that are not originally from there, and other people also come to the town for that purpose from other places in the region.

Ancient history: Kenitra goes back in time to the Phoenicians, it was known back then as Thamusida. a Venus temple was built in it while the Antonine dynasty was ruling.
Modern history: in 1912 General Lyautey established Kenitra in 1912 as a French military fort and town, shortly after he established peace in the country where rebel mouvements were rising against the Sultan Abd-Alhafid, the operation that followed the treaty of Fes signed between the Sultan and the French authorities putting Morocco under French protectorat. Ayear after that General Lyautey built the port of Kenitra on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Sebou river.
The city was renamed "Keitra" in 1956 as Morocco gained its independence. And since then it was on a consistent growth to become one of the main shipping port in the country, mainly agricultural products like fruilts, but also fish and zinc ores.
In November 1942, after Operation Torch, the Americans captured the Port Lyautey French fighter base as a military base, named Craw Field.

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