Morocco Mall - Casablanca

Morocco Mall - Casablanca

Largest shopping center in Africa
Located in Casablanca on the Atlantic coast just few meters from Courniche Ain diab, on 200000m² of floor space. Morocco Mall is the largest shopping center in Africa up to the making of this article and video.

You may take a tour inside and outside Morocco Mall in this video below

And here's an extended version, with no music and with a mermaid:

The Mall opened its gates for the public in 2011, and since then it was an image of the Modern side of Morocco, just like the rest of the economical capital "Casablanca"..
The ceremony of opening was celebrated by a huge party where Jennifer Lopez was a host, yes the famous Jay-Lo sung in Morocco for the opening.
What makes this shopping center even more cool is its location, right on the Atlantic coast, so you could actually enjoy food or just a cup of coffee on the 2nd floor along with an amazing view on the waves of the ocean.
Morocco mall features a huge 1,000,000 Leters (220,000 imp gal; 260,000 U.S. gal) aquarium that contains over 40 different species of fish. "Aquadream" is the name of the aquarium, and it was designed and built by International Concept Management. Visitors have the opportunity to take a ride through the centre of the cylinder shaped aquarium with a 360-degree view of the sea life. Visitors can also go scuba diving with a professional instructor inside the aquarium and be as close as possible to the sharks and other sea animals.
The entrance to Morocco Mall is free, but the prices of some products can be reall y crazy expensive, after all it is not the place where the average locals go to shop, it's a luxury place where inhabitant of the Big Casablanca and the surrounding regions go to to spend the day and have a fancy meal or drinks.
There is also an amazing playground area for both kids and teenagers, from car rides, to videogames to rock-climbing.. the choices are really diverse in there. Even adults can do some activities there like ice skating.
When it comes to food, you will find there most of the known brands, like MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominos Pizza.. and so on, but there are also some Morocco Mall specialties, providing traditional Morocccan food.
There is of course an underground parking lot for your car, if you don't have a car, there are taxis that could easily take you there or from there to the medina (for the big taxis that take 6 people you should know exactly where you are going because they don't offer custumized trips unless you pay really a lot of money) Also for the small red taxis, ask for the price before hand.
So generally if you want to get a taste of the modern side of Morocco, or if you are passing by Casablanca, you can check the mall out, you will not regret it.. It does not feel like the real Morocco but it is part of it.. It will for sure make you change the image you have about the African continent.

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