Jemaa el-Fna square - Marrakech

Jemaa el-Fna square - Marrakech

A little walk in Jama fna square filmed withoutu effects or editing or music:

Welcome to the Magical square of Jemaa el fna (You may find it under different names such as Jemaa el-Fna, Djema el-Fna or Djemaa el-Fnaa) 
The source of its name still remains a mystery, the translation from Arabic could mean "The Mosque of the End of the World" because "jemaa" could mean mosque and "el fna" could mean death or extinction.. but the translation could also mean "the gathering area" because "jemaa" could also mean assembly and "el fna" could mean the courtyard or the open space.. Other versions of the history of the place suggest that that the name means "the assembly of the dead" referring to public executions that happened in the plaza around 1050 CE. 
What most historians agreed on though is that the name Jemaa El-Fna came originally from the fact that Ahmed Al-Mansour Dahabi (a powerful Saadian Sultan ruled 1578-1603) had the intention to build a monumental mosque in the middle of the square, but due to a downturn in money and resources he had no choice but to abandon the project in the middle of the constructions and the mosque remained unfinished and fell into ruins with time.

What is sure is that this unique plaza tells the history of Morocco of yesterday and today through its storytellers, dancers, water sellers, musiciens, and snake charmers.. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the world, unfortunately pictures and videos don't do it justice, because they can't show you the vibe, the energy and the smell of the place, you must be there to experience it..
it's not all sugar of course, it is not recommended for people that can't stand crazy crowded places or people looking for a calm place to relax.. Also you will have to deal with some annoying individuals trying to hassel tourists for some cash, beggers, sellers of different stuff, street food waiters, also people who work for tour agencies that are looking for potential guests, but they are not agressive, just say NO THANKS and ignore them.. Street food there is also ok to try, there are variety of choices, each small street restaurant has a number so that you know who to report in case you encounter belly problems.. You can also get a Henna tatoo there, as long as your skin is not allergic to the ingredients.. Shopping is a huge part of Jamaa elfna place since it has been a commercial market "Souk" since the 11th century. But don't forget to bargain and negociate. nearby you can say the famous mosque "Koutoubia" you can sip your coffee of ment tea on the terrace of one of the cafeshops spread there while enjoying the magnificient view of the plaza, the music, the mosque and the sunset.
One last thing, we strongly advise you to NOT take pictures with the monkeys there, because you will encourage those people to keep treating them in a bad way, if you want to see monkeys you can see them in their natural habitats, either near Ouzoud waterfalls, Azrou cider forest or other places.

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