Grande Roue Agadir - Ferris Wheel

Agadir Ferris Wheel by night

Grande Roue Agadir - Ferris Wheel

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The "Grande Roue Agadir" isLocated only 25 meters from the beach, the Ferris wheel is a new attraction in Agadir that is gaining more popularity along time. This wheel took 6 months to be established by a french businessman. 
It is the highest one in all Africa, 50 meters high, and offers a great panoramic view over the city of Agadir (also nicknamed Miami of Morocco) It is also composed of 27 "rooms" able to host 6 people each. 
Up to the making of this Article, the ride on the Agadir's ferris wheel costs 40 MAD per person (less than 4 euros / a little more than $4) with one ticket you would be able to go 3 times around the ferris wheel, and you will be able to take pictures and make great videos. 
The cost for children is the half (20 MAD per kid under 1m30) 
The panoramic view from above the Ferris wheel is not to be missed, you will be able to see the Marina neighborhood, part of the city port, the whole promonade and parts of the new city of Agadir like Talbourjt, la nouvelle ville, Lebanon mosque... 
La Grande Roue d'agadir (the name in french and also how most people know it) had opened its gates to the people of Agadir and also to its visitors and foreign tourists in 2015, after a budget of millions of MADs was spent in its construction. with a very modern platform and firmware, it is totally controlled automatically by computers to make the ride very comfortable to riders.
It is for sure a huge addition to the attractions of Agadir, the investors and also the people of the old santa cruz (one of the old names of Agadir) expect a lot from this new wheel. Agadir has lost its place as number one touristic city in Morocco to Marrakech, so now the city is trying to get its place back. There are also rumors that the french business man who established the ferris wheel wants to relocated to Marrakech, because of the many issues and complications caused but the city council. The same council that the inhabitants of Agadir blame for all the problems of the city. And also for the delay of many interesting touristic projects such as "Agadir Land" that was planned by some young Moroccan living in Europe and that was supposed to start working years ago.. Many Agadirians believe that their city was way better with the last council, others think that it's all political conflicts between different parties that are causing all these issues.
In the mean time, the big Ferris wheel is still there in Agadir, and you can enjoy it at anytime you want, it usually starts at 18h and ends up at 1h30. during the day time it goes slow so that you could enjoy the the experience to the maximum level, and at night it goes a little bit faster.

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