Imlil Village - High Atlas mountains

Imlil Village is located at about 70 km from the city of Marrakech in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is about 1,800 metres (5,900 feet) above sea level. It is also very close to the mountain called "Jebel Toubkal", which is the highest peak in Northern Africa and the second highest in all Africa.

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Imlil village is a good base for people attempting to get all the way to the summit of Toubkal mountain. 
Because of its unique position, Imlil village is the most important part of mountain tourism in Morocco, because most visitors heading up to Toubkal mountain start their trikking Journey from Imlil. 
Imlil is the end of the road that a vehicle can reach, and is a natural place to hire mountain guides and mules for the onward mountain trekking and hiking. The area was expanded with time to cater for the number of tourists pouring through en route to Toubkal, it is relatively a new village. The original berber communities still exist in the valleys around Tamatert, Ait Souka, Tagadirt, Tacheddirt, Acheim, Taourirt n'Ait Mizane, Mzikene and Arhrene. 
Before the revolution of mountain tourism in Morocco, the Imlil region was pretty much known for the production of amazing walnuts, apples and delicious cherry. nowadays these are still important to the local and national economy, but they have been eclipsed by mountain tourism. Currently both mountain tourists and Moroccans come to Imlil seeking a cool relief from the heat of the region of Marrakech El-Haouz. 
The Film 'Seven years in Tibet' was partly filmed in the village.

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