Rissani Tour Excursion

Rissani Tour Excursion

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Rissani is a town that belong to Errachidia Province in the South East of Morocco, located near Erfoud. It is the closest town of significant size to the Erg Chebbi, which is the largest sand dune desert in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.
The mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif, the third great-grandfather of Moulay Cherif, founder of the Alaouite Dynasty of Morocco, is located on the southern edge of Rissani. this town that can be called the center or the capital of Tafilalet region is mostly known for its big Souk, it has almost everything you would need, from all kinds of dates (yes there are soo many kinds of dates) to clothes and textile to even animals such as sheeps, goats, and cows. merchants from all the nearby villages (called KSARs) come 3 times a week to sell and buy goods, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The town is the market place for all those villages.
The Medfouna which is a special plate in Rissani and the surrounding areas is similar to a traditional pizza, they even call it berber pizza (berber means Amazigh) it's mostly traditional bread filled with meat and vegetables and flavoured with spices, but it is very tasty, visitors and tourists love it, some of them request it when they stop in Rissani on the way for Camel Trekking in Merzouga, (because Rissani is on the road of some Sahara Desert tours and camel riding). If you are passing by do not miss the chance to try the Medfouna, you surely will not regret the experience.
"Rgab l'hmeer" or what could be called a Donkey Parking, is a plaza where all the merchants and people coming to Rissani riding their donkey park them. There is a man responsible of the place that will watch your donkey while you go shopping in the souk, he has his own way to remember each ones animal.
If you book a Sahara Desert Tour and Camel Trekking for Marrakech or from Fes you can request Rissani to be included in your tour, depending of the timeframe of course, but it is not to be missed, especially the Souk.. not only for shopping, the landscape their is unique aswell.
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