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Taghazout (in Amazigh "Berber": ⵜⴰⵖⴰⵣⵓⵜ, Taɣazut; Arabic: تاغازوت) is a small surfing and fishing village 19 km (12 mi) north of Agadir south west Morocco. The inhabitants speak mostly Berber but there are also few westerners living there. The main sources of income for taghazout inhabitants are Fishing, tourism, and the production of Argan oil. The developing tourism industry promises to increase the wealth of the region.
The common theme for visitors now is Surfing. Morocco is famous for its long right hand point breaks; thoroughly consistent and generally uncrowded. The most famous of which is a little to the north. In the right conditions this point can take you on a 2 km ride, starting at Anchor Point, joining up with Hash Point and ending on the beach break at Panorama's. It's called surfing from village to village. There are several other in and around the area making it an ideal destination for all levels of surfing skill. The waves work best between September to April especially for advanced surfers, receiving similar conditions to that of mainland Europe, but with the warm waters of the Moroccan Atlantic up to 21 degrees.The rest of the year, the surf is good for beginners and intermediate
There are several beaches north of Agadir, which all offer a good alternative to the local beach in town. The setting of these beaches can be most attractive, with mountains on all sides, yet with a wide and clean beach with all necessary amenities. The largest and popular are: Tamawanza (12 km), Aitswal Beach, Imouran (17 km),Taghazout beach (19 km), Du lkhmiss 20, Bouyirdn (21 km), Timzguida allal (22 km), Imiouadar (27 km), Aghroud (30 km)
Taghazout Bay

The site Taghazout-Argana Bay is 15 kilometres north of Agadir. It is intended to become the first seaside resort in Morocco, 300 km from Marrakesh, the first cultural and tourist centre of the country and 170 kilometres from the city of Essaouira.

Taghazout Bay is part of the Moroccan national tourism strategy ‘Vision 2020’. It is expected (September 2018) to provide the implementation of 8000 beds (5800 hotel), with a closer and more environmentally friendly tourism development, "Taghazout eco-resort." It further provides for a village of surfers, a village green holiday, camping with international standards, an 18-hole golf course, cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries.

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