Chefchaouen or chawen

Chefchaouen or Chaouen

Chefchaouen is one of, if not the, most beautiful places to see in northwest Morocco, also called "the blue city" or "the blue town" because of the blue colors that dominates most of its buldings.
Watch the beauty of Chefchaouen in these videos:

In this second video you can see more of chefchaouen plus Akchour or "Akechour", wich is a beautiful natural place near chefchaouen, with breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful clean water:

More about Chefchaouen from Wikipedia:
Chefchaouen or Chaouen (Amazigh: ⵜⵛⴻⴼⵜⵛⴰⵡⴻⵏ Accawn, Arabic: شفشاون/الشاون, Spanish: Chauen, lit. "horns") is a city in northwest Morocco. It is the chief town of the province of the same name, and is noted for its buildings in shades of blue.Chefchaouen is situated in the Rif Mountains, just inland from Tangier and Tetouan. The city was founded in 1471, as a small fortress which still exists to this day, by Moorish exiles from Spain led by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami to fight the Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco. It was known as one of the main concentrations of Moriscos and Jews who sought refuge in this mountainous city after the Spanish Reconquista in medieval times. In 1920, the Spanish seized Chefchaouen to form part of Spanish Morocco. Spanish troops imprisoned Abd el-Krim in the kasbah from 1916 to 1917, after he talked with the German consul Dr. Walter Zechlin (1879–1962). (After defeating him with the help of the French force Abd el-Krim was deported to Réunion in 1926). Spain returned the city after the independence of Morocco in 1956.

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