Morocco: Weather

Morocco: Weather

 One of the things that any visitor or tourist ask about before booking a tour or an excursion in Morocco is the weather. especially if they want to book a tour to the desert of Merzouga and do camel trekking, because it can be very hot there at times, especially in July and August. On the other hand tourists that are interested in visiting the beaches like Agadir are more into sun, while the ones interested in surf for example are looking for the wind that they usually find in Essauira. Lucky for all those visitors, Morocco has everything they want.

Weather in morocco is so mosaic too as morocco is, in one single day you can feel how cold is the atlas mountains then you can drive some hours to feel yourself too hot at the sahara dunes and oasis.

at the coasts reign the oceanic moderated climat, at the northen band the mediterranean cool climat sometimes cold.

weather at the atlas mountains (inland) is cold and very influenced by height with his snowfall winter, in the south reign the saharian hot climat.

sunshine levels are more than 10 in marrakech , fez , agadir and ouarzazate.

Depending on the places you want to visit in Morocco, make sure you pick the best time of year before booking your tour.

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